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About Baksa Norbert Photographer

I am a proffesional freelancer photographer from Hungary with eighteen years experience, sepcifized in fashion and glamour photography, portraits, commercial photography and cinema advertisements. Over the past years I have been working with all the leading magazines and I had the opportunity for shooting succesful advertising and editorial work for important corporate clients. Recently I have travelled and worked abroad extensively in places. At present my main destination is your country , whereworking for your agency would be a highly prestigious cahence for me.Please see my selected references and visit see my portfolio here. If you would have any offers for collaboration between us, please contact me via email or by telephone +36(20)928-66-40.I am enthusiatic, flexible and in case of cooperation. I would offer a high level of commitment and proffesionalism to the client. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Best regards,Norbert Baksa Clients include Editorial Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Playboy,FHM, CKM, Design ROOM, Bond ,VOILA, MaximaAdvertising Nike, Adidas , Gas , Smiths, Bistiani, Magenta, LEVIS,Commercials Axe,Unicum, EON, Red BullCinema Just Sex and Nothing Else, I'mTibor, Head Or Trail

G3 Fotóstúdió - Profi Műterem Bérlés Budapest XIII

G3 Fotóstúdió – Profi Műterem Bérlés Budapest XIII